With the advantage of owning a coastline of more than 2000 km, Vietnam is named as a pearl of Indochine, attracting tourists from all over the world, prominent in the Asia-Pacific region.


Among the famous tourist destinations of Vietnam, the Central Coast is a golden land connecting heritage places and must-see attractions. Embellishing the beaches on the list of the most beautiful on the continent and the planet are the most luxurious accommodation options that offer the most convenience while still enhancing the inherent natural beauty of the destination.


Located on a romantic coastal road, Montgomerie Links Hotel & Villas offers a rare resort experience for guests looking for a haven away from the city’s smog.


Guests’ journey will be hidden in the background of the golf course with 70 hectares of green coverage, offering an absolutely relaxing space. Here, visitors will enjoy the architectural and interior style that intertwines modern and traditional by combining calm, neutral colour blocks with elegant interior details that reflect the local signatures.


More than half of the rooms in the central building have glass windows and balconies overlooking the 18-hole golf course which voted as the TOP 10 most elite golf courses in Asia (by Forbes Travel) and recognized as the best golf course in Vietnam in 2018 by the Association Asian Golf Awards, the rest overlook the beautiful villas. All rooms are open-plan designed, supporting a relaxing space to inspire creativity and energize body and mind.


The villas are set in the heart of the course between holes 9 and 10. Their elevated position maximizes magnificent views over sweeping fairways, extending to mountain ranges to the south and west and to the ocean on the east. Each villa has 3 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a laundry area and a garden with private swimming pool to ensure a perfect stay for every family.


A single palm-fringed cul-de-sac roadway to each home creates a safe environment for families to access the 2 hectares golf practice field to relax under the vast milky green lawn.


Retreat experience has long become an essential trend for people who love to move, where they can satisfy their passion for discovering new lands and have enough tranquillity to restore their health and well-being so as to obtain fresh energy after leaving the resort, ready for all the challenges ahead.


Designed to nurture strength from within, a stay at Montgomerie Links Hotel & Villas has everything travellers seek. Each night’s stay comes with a golf introduction marking a different and classy resort experience. Guests’ breakfast will be more interesting by the green landscape from the Birdies restaurant lawn every morning. Complimentary high quality and healthy drinks at the Minibar are added every day to add positive energy for a memorable vacation. Besides, relaxing activities that inspire creativity such as towel folding art, Taekwondo introduction, cooking class are also available upon request.


Staying in the golf course offers a sense of privacy but not isolation because of its easy access to nearby utilities. The daily shuttle bus schedule is conveniently designed for guests’ vacations, connecting popular destinations in Hoi An and Da Nang city by high-quality 16-seat vehicles and attentive drivers.


Today, the resort experience has asserted its superiority in a context where safety and peace of mind come first. Trips need to be flexible and easy to customize, accommodation and on-site staff need to understand and apply new operating standards to stay proactive for any changes from the impact of outside motion.


Holding the position of TOP 10 best golf courses for Tourism in Vietnam recognized by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism for 5 consecutive years and many other prestigious awards, Montgomerie Links is proud to be a companion in guests’ new journey.



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