Chaparral announce sponsorship of Manuel Morugan


Chaparral Golf Club in Costa del Sol is pleased to annouce the start of a new sponsorship agreement with professional golfer Manuel Morugán. Manuel’s link with Chaparral Golf has been ever present throughout his young but vibrant golfing career. He is a regular player in Chaparral, meeting friends and using the excellent putting, chipping and driving range facilities to enhance his skill levels.

Born in Malaga in 1990, Manuel has nurtured a blossoming amateur career into an exciting professional career.

Manuel is a player player who, despite his youth, is consolidating in the European circuit and whose projection is extraordinary. His recent achievements in 2019 are:

Obtaining the card to play the Europro Tour, played in England, Scotland and Ireland.

-Sub-championship achieved in the Algarve Tour, held in March at Amendoeira Golf.

-Victory in Bavieria Golf, winning the Andalusian Circuit of Professionals.

Managment and staff of Chaparral Golf Club wish Manual the very best of luck, as he heads to the United Kingdom for Tournaments during June and July.

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